I sound good, largely because of the Triple C. I can’t tell you how many times I’m in this band or that, next to another bone player, who has to remark on the warm sound this axe has. (and the other ones) They really are remarkable instruments. I can’t thank you (and Corky) enough for your expertise in providing them.

Roch from California


The bone (Holton Super Collegiate bell with Conn 12H slide–RAR) arrived in perfect condition today. It is beautiful and is so responsive. Looking forward to playing a lighter and more responsive instrument. Many thanks Bob.

Ernie from Ohio

Thank you so much! The (used Conn hard-shell case for valve and slide trombone–BR) case finally arrived this afternoon. The horn fits inside nicely, and the case itself is in great shape. Thanks for everything and for all your help!

Mary Ann from Delaware

Finally, it´s (Conn Triple C with 8.5″ nickel-plated Coprion bell–RAR) here. It turned out that the local post office had not scanned the consignment, so that postal data system showed that it still lay on the regional mail center. But who cares, now it’s here. A beautiful instrument, which I’m looking forward to getting to know and use. The Schilke mouthpiece also seems to be a good choice.

Per Olaf from Norway

Dear Bob,

The Trombone (1966 Conn 88H with Thayer valve–RAR) arrived safely – and we had a family unwrapping ceremony, which was great fun! It got held up by customs for a day – but once we had paid the customs charge it got released straight away, no problem. James is absolutely thrilled with it; he is a lucky boy! Many thanks for your help with everything – I do appreciate your time giving James advice and answering his many questions. I did record him playing it just 20 minutes after it arrived – but I haven’t been able to send it. I will try again in the next few days. Meanwhile rest assured all is well!

Very best wishes,

Colin? from the UK

August 2, 2015

The horn (gold-plated Yamaha YEP-641 Euphonium-BR) came last Thursday, maybe Friday….my lad was home and signed for it. I unboxed after I got home from Maine yesterday. It’s gorgeous!! All is WELL!! Thank you!! (and later) Everything is wonderful….the (gold-plated) 51D feels just great. I had part of an hour to oogle all over it yesterday. Big band gig tonight as a sub so will focus on that book for a couple of hours after work. Lynn from SeattleJune 23, 2015

I had a very good session with the Conn this morning. I really like how light it feels to hold. It’s a lot easier on my left hand (bit of arthritis, you know) than the Yamaha. It has a very smooth sound and responds well even if I choose to play very softly. The lip slurs go smoothly even with low volume. That is not all that easy to do, so I appreciate the control that I’m able to get on this horn.

Rod from Tucson

March 12, 2014

I was practicing on the Conn (71H bass bone, nickel-plate over yellow brass bell, converted to a single Ed Thayer axial-flow valve–BR) early this morning. I am very happy that I decided to purchase this instrument. I like the way it plays and really like the clean lines of the instrument. The workmanship is immaculate. Please give my compliments to Corky. He is an artist in my opinion. Everything works well; the slide, the valve, even the tuning slides work better than any I’ve ever had.

Rod from Tucson

March 5, 2014

“Hi Bob

“Just wanted to let you know that the (used Conn case from early ‘60’s—RAR) case has arrived in perfect order. You were absolutely spot on, it’s in excellent condition!

“Thank you so much for arranging this…. I can assure you that this will be looked after very well.”

Ed from the UK

“My horn repair guy was blown away by the Conn! He told me the horn was the best playing v-tbone he has played!”Kirk from Indiana Dear Bob Ramsdell, “I received the valve trombone! It had no damage, and the instruments is wonderful. Of course the gig bag (Chocolate Brown and Black-RAR) is beautiful and cool. “Thank you very much for your kind transaction.” Sincerely, Keisuke from Japan


“I cannot express to you how pleased I am with “Triple C Conn” valve trombone that I recently purchased from you. The quality of the workmanship is far above anything I have seen from any other repair or new instrument supplier. I have shown my friends the horn and they cannot believe it was originally built in 1969. The finish (silver-plate with gold wash and gold on tuning slide with gold lacquered valve section-RAR) on the instrument is fantastic. It is a work of art. The addition of the first and third slide triggers is fantastic.

“The horn is such a pleasure to play. A three hour long gig just seems to fly by I am having such an easy time playing.

“I also appreciate having such a great and protective gig bag for my instrument. The instrument fits perfectly in the gig bag. I feel very confident the gig bag will last forever.

“This instrument is the best playing horn I have ever played on. Every instrument you showed me was an excellent player. It was a very hard to decide just which of the instruments was just the right one that I needed for my style of playing.

“Having the opportunity to come up to see the large selection of horns and play on them was far beyond what a person could do anywhere else. I know this because I have been a valve trombonist my entire life and have owned and played on almost every major brand of instrument.

“The horn was packed and protected well beyond what I have seen other suppliers do. I will bet I spent well over 45 minutes getting the horn completely unwrapped from all the bubble pack and shipping peanuts.

“I know I will be enjoying this great horn for many years.”


Kirk from Indiana

“The concert band performance went very well last night, and the 48H was magnificent…I only missed three notes in the whole concert, which were little ones and not the fault of the horn. The slide was slicker than slick throughout the concert, and the director even complimented me on the way I played Good Swing Wenceslas (arranged by Sammy Nestico).”

Bob from California One week later

“The 48H arrived yesterday. I played the horn for about half an hour last night and look forward to the weekend practice now. The slide is great; it appears to be a bit narrower than the one on my Bach which is presently lubricated with the new Yamaha slide oil. The Conn with slide-o-mix is faster!

“The Eastman case is amazing, it’s so light and it seems to afford more protection that the fancier leather gig bags. I am going to continue using it for this horn.

“Good job, Bob. Thank you very much for everything.”

Bob from California

December, 2012

“The horn (Holton TR-180 bass trombone with dual Thayer valves) has arrived…intact. It looks incredible for a horn from 1972. I love it. I won’t have a chance to play it in a group until next Monday.”

“I’ve played the horn at 2 rehearsals and one concert. Everyone that sees it is very impressed. I’ve passed your website on to them.” Doug from Alabama October, 2012

“The Holton (TR-690-BR) is a real nice combination of choices in technology that result in an instrument that plays well in all registers. The intonation is good and the 2nd and 3rd valve tuning slides are well implemented and easy to use. The instrument sounds good from E below the bass clef staff to D in the treble clef staff. It’s exceptionally light weight for a valve trombone, and well balanced for one hand support.

“I use the instrument as a double on jazz bone band gigs where I am accompanying another valve trombonist or as a solo jazz instrument for the particular color a valve trombone provides, but it works very well as a vehicle for 2nd or 3rd trombone parts in a big band. Its open upper register suggests it would work for the lead part as well.

“I have played this instrument for an entire bone band rehearsal on 2nd jazz part without having the other 5 guys twig that I was playing a valved instrument, even on solos. I had to tell them afterward I was playing valve. I sound like me on my Bach 16 or Conn 48H when I play it, not like me trying to play a valve trombone.

“It’s a great lightweight, all range, robust valve instrument with a nice small to medium bore tenor sound. I would recommend any instrument these two guys had a hand in putting together or reconditioning, because they do a job with not only real low brass instrument expertise, but with a great deal of passionate commitment to the concept of the valve instrument itself, and a great deal of love for valve trombone. The result is exactly right, with whatever needs to be done to achieve the desired result implemented cleverly and correctly.

“I’m very satisfied with my Holton TR-690, serial # 543132 (I got a wonderful hard case, too).

Dan from Green Bay, WI

(October, 2012)

“Bob – I wanted to thank you for your hospitality. It was great being able to meet you at your “home office,” and to try-out several of the V-Bones you have available.

“I’m thrilled with my purchase, the Conn 6H “Triple C.” The workmanship on the refurbishing and customization is top-notch. It’s hard to believe the horn was “originally” manufactured in the 1950s!

“Thanks again for everything. Including the care you used in packaging and shipping. There was no way the horn could have ever been damaged in transit.

“And you’re right …. just like your website says …. ‘the sound is the thing.’ This Conn is really sweet.”

Matt from Maryland

March, 2012

“Horn (Conn 18H–Coprion bell Director) looks great! Now the hard part starts….

“I had my old bone buddy play the 18H last night at big band rehearsal. He’s got great chops for an 80 year old codger. He was impressed with the horn, and with the resto work. He popped out a dbl high Bb and said he couldn’t do that on his 2B Liberty with the mp he was using. He loved the sound. He said the slide can use a little break-in but was quick as quick can get. He brought his Olds Recording last night that his dad bought him in the early 50’s. It’s a very nice horn but he hated to put the Conn down.”

Lynn from Seattle

March, 2012

“Crikey, it’s friggin gorgeous!! (Custom-made 8.5″ Coprion bell.” We’d already customized a Conn valve section for him.)

“I can get used to the weight. The counterweights certainly add mass but they actually do function. The engraving is wonderful! I didn’t have much time to blow last night but I did have to pull the slides out quite a bit. Seems there’s an opportunity for improvement there. (Note: We’ve started using spacers on the valve sections with the 8.5″ Coprion bells to give more head room on the bell’s tuning slide.)

“I love the sound….which I’ll continue to eval with some other mouthpieces. Bravo gentlemen!! Great workmanship!!”

Lynn from Seattle

February, 2012

“Lotta sound comes outta that big bell…no doubt about it. I can certainly take it down a notch. Believe it or not it was the trumpets who first complained….we rehearse in a box formation similar to a recording situation. Brass section face each other and reeds face rhythm.

“I get lotsa attention lately with the new copper. It really sings!”
Lynn from Seattle

March, 2012

“The slide is fine and I love the sound, the only negative so far is the F attachment in that it clacks when I trigger quickly doing 8th notes back & forth from Bb down to F and back. Should I look into getting the material used at either end struck by the trigger mechanism? It’s not really a big deal, but you know me.”

(After exchanging some information and ideas.)

“The bone (Conn 75H slide bone) is back from the shop and it is perfect now! It was the bumpers.”

Bob from California

February, 2012

I LOVE MY INSTRUMENT, Tankyou for the lovely work

Vebjørn from Norway.

(13 months later)

Sent: Thu, Dec 23, 2010 12:29 pm
Subject: Re: Hurra !!!

First the mouthpiece Monette: I have played for 2 hours now. I am like it more and more. The sound of the instr. develop more and more- It`s develope very nicely-

There was no plastic bag in the box. But it was OK covered.

Small “foam ball” all over the house now !!

Offsauce, I will comment to your webbsite during the day of tomorrow. I feel that this is the start of something GREAT !!

More tomorrow.



Sent: Thu, Dec 23, 2010 9:10 am
Subject: Hurra !!!

The bone has arrived !! It is in a GOOD condition. I have not played it……..well a few notes, witch is promising. Tomorrow I will be able to customised further. I have a gig on the 29th.




Hi, Bob,My Conn and valve oil already arrived.More than I expected it, it was very good!I am very satisfactory.A defect is not found although I am testing it so far.I need your help at partial articles, maintenance, etc. from now on.Thank you very much for your kindness this time.Sincerely, Taeh from Japan Above all expectations, Bob: The experience was incredible. My “Triple C”Valve Trombone (nickel-plated 8 ½ inch Coprion bell–BR) is a fantastic instrument like I never thought possible for a valve trombone. Sound, tone, easy to play, amazing perfect pitch, a special care in every detail of construction and renovation leaves no doubt that this is the best in its category. Thank you and congratulations!Tiquinho (9/3/2011)“Funk Como Le Gusta”“Clube do Balanço”Trombonist and arranger

Man, what a delight. When I got my hands on it, the feel was perfect. As for theMouthpiece (Monette TS6), it was as if I’ve used it for a long time. Great sound not to mention beauty. To celebrate my 30 year career is nothing better than the best gift. Thanks, man. Congratulations on your work. The valve trombone is alive. Thanks again. It was a pleasure dealing with you.

Tiquinho (8/24/2011


All is Good. It’s a wonderful horn!!!!! (Conn “Triple C” valve bone with Nickel plated over Coprion bell and gold plated valve section.)Thank you Very much again, I’m Very Happy everything came out fine!!!

Silvio from Brazil

“This horn (Conn “Triple C” 6H slide bone) is like coming home. Great slide, easy response…..just terrific!”

Jeff from Wisconsin

“The bag (Reunion Blues brown cordura slide bone bag from the “cheap cases” category) was everything I had hoped for and more.”

Michael from Texas

“Beautiful horn (Conn 18H Director with Coprion bell), beautiful packing, safe & sound as a dollar!…Been honking on it all afternoon, pretty darn sweet, and the slide is as good out of the box as I have experienced (including 26 years with the Marine Band-BR.)…my best to you & thanks for the CD’s…”

Dan from Virginia

“Hope that you are doing well. Just wanted to let you know that I am now playing on a Schilke 50. My brief history has taken me from a Bach 7C, to King 28, to Schilke 47B, to a Schilke 50. I know that you suggested it initially but I just wasn’t ready. I love the mouthpiece. It evened out my sound, especially when moving to the low register.”

Ernie from Ohio (5 weeks after arrival)

“What a great night…..many compliments, especially on my sound. After tonight, I don’t think that I’ll go back to the Bach 7C. We had a guest artist sit in with us, so the front line was flute, alto and valve bone. It is a whole new world to me now. I am so glad that I found your website. Many thanks to you and Corky. Also, I really enjoyed the recordings that you sent, absolutely first class.” (Ernie settled on the gold-plated Schilke 47B mouthpiece we included along with the King 28.)

Ernie from Ohio (2 weeks later)

“The valve bone (Conn “Triple C”with6Hyellow brass bell) arrived this morning in perfect shape. The horn is absolutely beautiful and even better, it plays beautifully. I am liking the King 28 mouthpiece. The trigger placement is fine and tone quality is even. Finding your website was my lucky day. Thanks.”

Ernie from Ohio


“…I am working more as a trombonist then I did as a trumpeter….Anyway, thanks again for providing me with such an incredible instrument.”

Ernie from Ohio (11 months later)

“Thanks to you man this past year has been just the greatest for me musically. I found your website by accident and then you guided me to the 1958 Conn….I am excited every time I pick up the instrument. Thanks again.”

Ernie from Ohio (1 year later)

“My guy loves it (Yamaha YSL354V). Thanks for checking on it. He is playing on the Schilke 50. He has really liked the triggers for intonation.”

Edd from Mississippi

“Got horn (a special project on a Conn valve bone that he sent to us and Corky restored & customized) yesterday. Like, Wow, man! It’s quite stunning to hold and behold. I didn’t get chance to make much noise upon receipt but will do so very soon. Awesome workmanship. I spent years in a machine shop…and echo that once more: very nice workmanship!”

Lynn from Seattle (6/17/2008)

“The horn slots really well. I have cleaner/clearer tone in the upper range as long as I don’t try to use excess force. Imagine that, I’m used to wrangling a horn…don’t have to try nearly as hard to get a nice sound. …Anyway, it’s an awesome piece of work. The valves are quick, the triggers are a solid addition. Finish is very attractive. I’m very happy on this end!!!”

Lynn from Seattle (6/26/2008)

“Happy New Year…still love my horn! I played a show last week that had some tunes in horrid keys and my intonation was spot on. My ol’ Olds still has a place in my stable and is great for the R&B scene.”

Lynn from Seattle (2/3/2009)

“You’ve been busy! Great site….found site by accident. Here’s a great place to start logging the history of the instrument (one of these days-BR). Performing more jazz here in Seattle and loving the horn more and more and more (and more). The very best part was turning the 2nd valve slide round the other way. My (other horn) is still weapon of choice for rock and roll. You don’t take a Bentley to a demolition derby!”

Lynn from Seattle (4/9/2009)

“I have been playing the mouthpiece (restored Rudy Muck) you sent. I have been getting a nice sound so says the people I play with. The horn (Conn “Triple C”) plays beautiful. I just received some dates at Birdland (NYC) for the fall and Ronnie Scott’s in London in December.” (April, 2007)

Harold from New Jersey (4/13/2007)

“Hi: Just a note to say I am playing the “Triple C” you sold me with frequency and love it!!!!”

Harold from New Jersey (2/12/ 2007)


I just got the horn. What can I say? It looks great!!! I played it a little bit and immediately felt that it was easier to play then my (non-Conn). The tuning is perfect.

(After extended playing) The intonation is better. It is easy to find the “difficult’ notes like the high F# (2&3 valves) & G (1&2). The sound is beautiful too. The lower register definitely feels more open than the (non-Conn), especially the low C (1&3) and low B (1,2&3).

Diego from NYC

“It’s (Conn “Triple C” 8 ½ Coprion bell) great!!! Without a doubt, this is the horn I was meant to play. This is the nicest horn I have ever played in my life.”

Sean from Australia


“Now that I’ve had a chance to give it (Conn 48H “Triple C” slide and valve bone) a proper play, I have to say, it’s awesome, almost as good as my (first) “Triple C”, but I have to say, I do prefer the copper bell now that I’m used to it. Fantastic valves, free-blowing, it’s a great horn, Bob, thank you very much.”

Sean from Australia


The horn (his third “Triple C”—this one starting with a Conn 10H–Coprion bell–slide bone) is truly spectacular. THANK YOU & CORKY—from the bottom of my heart.

Roch from Florida


Fantastic Instrument! [Conn “Triple C” valve bone with restored Conn 48H bell (nickel-plated) and slide.]

Jules from Canada


*These remarks are taken (warts and all) from e-mails and one eBay feedback. All are without any kind of solicitation….I can’t and don’t make this stuff up…….Honest!