About the “Triple C”

The sound is the thing!



We always start with a Conn Valve trombone. We repair, restore and customize the horn. We install our” Triple C” engraved counterweights, first and third valve spring-loaded triggers, the Amato water key and gold tinted (on brass-clear on nickel-plated or Coprion bells) baked epoxy lacquer and package each “Triple C” with one of Glenn Cronkhite’s leather gig bags.

“Corky,” who does the work has been in the business of creating, repairing and customizing instruments for over 50 years, starting at the Holton factory, then his own repair business with a plating facility and finally 30 years as the head of brass repair at a large regional music store. Since his retirement, he has maintained a small shop at his home where he primarily services professional musicians. He is a legend around here.

The Conn valve trombone has a beautiful warm trombone sound, good intonation, durability and physical comfort.

I bought my first Conn valve trombone in 1961. Over the years, I’ve played and/or owned virtually every major brand, but just always preferred Conn. I have a “Minick” which is a Conn valve section customized with a third valve spring loaded trigger and an 8″ yellow-brass bell that Larry manufactured in his shop in Hollywood. I had Corky add a first valve trigger to my Minick a couple of years ago.

When a horn first arrives, I play it for an hour or so. Then I take it to Corky for a consult and to start the restoration and customization process. The triggers, so critical to the intonation of the various valve combinations are installed. I then play it some more. Once we are satisfied that the horn is as good as we can make it, the baked epoxy finish is applied and then the horn is played some more and then my friend, Jeff, takes the pictures.

The “Triple C” counterweights are designed for engraving so that you can personalize your horn as desired. Glenn Cronkhite makes grrrrrreat bags!

Please feel free to contact me for further information. I love questions!

Remember, the sound is the thing!

Bob Ramsdell
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