Eastman Tenor Bone Case




Eastman Hard-shell Cases

I’ve been looking for hard-shell cases for the various slide bones, especially the Conn 12H’s and the Reynolds Bass Trombone and the other high copper content bells such as Bronz-O-Lyte or Coprion.

(At this time, we are not selling these cases except as part of an instrument purchase. If you want more information, however, feel free to contact me via e-mail.)

Eastman has two case designs (with a shoulder strap and an extra latch on the back of the bell area) that fill the bill and both include some small moveable Velcro attachable cushions.

The smaller case has a total of 4 latches (3 front and 1 back) and will snugly and safely hold a bell from 7″ to 8.5.” The smaller case design will not accommodate an “F attachment.” I’ve tried a Conn 75H with a conventional “F attachment” and an 88H with a Thayer and while the 8.5″ bell fits fine, the levers make contact with the top way too soon. This case is great for straight horns from a King 2B, for example, all the way to a Conn 8H.

The larger case has a total of 5 latches (4 front and 1 back) and will snugly hold a bell from 9.5″ to 10.5″ and the slides as well. This case also has the little adjustable cushions. It will easily accommodate Thayer valves and any other “F attachment.” Some might find it a little too big for a big-bore (.547″) tenor. I did put a Conn 88H with a Thayer in this larger case and with the help of one of the supplied small cushions for the bell throat, both bell and slide fit snugly.

So for those of you that want a hard-shell case rather than a gig-bag for your slide bone, we can now accommodate you, at least in part.

We’ve included a picture of the smaller case (silver color) with a Conn 12H and the larger (black) case with a Conn 71H bass bone. The small design is no extra charge but the larger one is an extra $50.