1989 (est.) Conn 5G “Triple C” Valve Trombone


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Brand: Conn 5G “Triple C”

Serial # 301912

Year of Manufacture/shipping: 1989 (?) (est.)

Finish: Bell and Valve section – gold-tinted lacquer

Bore: .500″

Bell: 8″

Case: Shown with Glenn Cronkhite gig bag in Dark Green Leather

Supplies: Valve oil, key oil, slide grease and mouthpiece (shown with Schilke 50) with DEG black plastic pouch included.

This is a very interesting horn! The serial number would have the date of manufacture by Conn in 1935. However, this is the classic Conn design that was first manufactured (or shipped)* in 1955. Also, the hard-shell case that came with this horn is of very recent vintage matching several of the cases from the 1970’s and 1980’s.

My conclusion is that this valve bone it was likely manufactured around the time Conn became part of UMI in the mid-’80’s after which it appears that Conn branded-instruments starting receiving King serial numbers. I believe this is one of the last Conn classic valve bones ever produced before UMI discontinued the design in favor of the smaller bore King. This Conn plays beautifully just as a Conn should.

*Some of the literature regarding serial numbers for Conns suggests that serial numbers indicate shipping dates rather than manufacturing dates. It might very well be that this horn was put together but not stamped with a serial number until it was to be shipped to a store or other consumer and perhaps was first stamped and then lacquered at the factory and then shipped.

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