• Brand: Kanstul CVT 959 Valve Trombone Serial # 33095 Year of Manufacture: 2006 (February)* Finish: Clear lacquer Bore: .500" Bell: 8" Yellow Brass Case: Original hard shell Kanstul case.

  • Brand:  1958 Conn "Triple C" with Nickel-plated Coprion 8 1/2" BellSerial Number: 760825Year of Manufacture: 1958 (valve section only)*Finish:  Bell and valve section--clear lacquerBore:  .500"Bell:  8 1/2" Nickel-plated Coprion*Case:  Glenn Cronkhite in Brown and Black Leather

  • Brand: Yamaha YSL354Serial # 415512 Year of Manufacture: Probably 2005 Finish: Bell and Valve section--gold-tinted lacquer: Bell is original factory lacquer

  • Brand: Rudy Mück Citation TrumpetSerial # 1128 Year of Manufacture: 1958 (est.) Finish: Silver plate (Unlacquered) Case: Black Leather Reunion Blues gig bag

  • Brand: Conn "Triple C" Serial # P02071 Year of Manufacture: 1971 Finish: Bell and Valve section--gold-tinted lacquer Bore: .500" Bell: 8" Case: Glenn Cronkhite in Ginger Brown Leather Supplies: Valve oil, key oil, slide grease and mouthpiece with DEG black plastic pouch included

  • Brand: Yamaha YEP641(S) Compensating EuphoniumSerial # None apparentYear of Manufacture: Probably 1995Finish: Gold plateBore: .591” primary & .661” 4th valve CompensatingBell: 11”Case: Original Yamaha Case in excellent conditionSupplies: Valve oil, slide grease and gold-plated Yamaha 51 mouthpiece included

  • Brand: Conn 6H "Triple C" Tenor "jazz" Trombone Serial # 6-H002* Year of Manufacture: 1986 (slide)(est.)* Finish: Gold lacquer Bore: .500"

  • Brand: Roth-Reynolds (Cleveland) Contempora "Philharmonic" 72-X Serial # 37790 Year of Manufacture: 1958 Finish: Clear lacquer Bore: .564" Bell: 10" Bronz-o-lyte

Valve Trombones R us

Welcome to the Only Online Valve Trombone (& trumpets) Store in the World!

Welcome to the Only Valve Trombone Store in the World

Featuring the legendary Conn Valve Trombone, restored and customized with first and third valve slide trigger assemblies and our special engraved counter-weights that we call the "Triple C".

We have other makes of valve trombones available. I've test played them all both before and after Corky's restorations/customizations. They all are good playing horns or they wouldn't be on this site. We also have a limited number of Conn slide trombones (also test played) available. All the horns are special and we try to make each one unique in some way.

We've also added some trombone mouthpieces for sale. Most of them are either new or have been re-plated to new condition. All of them (including gold-plated) are available for immediate shipping. I believe in color-coding so you have your choice of a blue or black mouthpiece pouch. If you have any questions or comments about mouthpieces, feel free to contact me at vtbone1@aol.com. If you want your name added to our list of valve bone players, send me an e-mail at vtbone1@aol.com

You also find a list of all my recordings that have a valve bone somewhere.

We continue to thank Christine Derksen of The Conn Loyalist website for her permission to use her article as part of presentation in the informational section about Coprion bells.

Please, look around to see if there's anything you like.

I want this website to be a resource. Feel free to contact me with questions or comments or something you think I might be able to help with or something to help me and others seeking information about valve trombones.

Because we've sold a couple of bass trombones with Thayer axial-flow valves (a Conn 71H with a single Thayer and a Holton TR-181 with double Thayer) and have two Conn 88H's each with a single Thayer for sale on this website, I decided to post some axial-flow valve maintenance tips from Barbara Thayer. Thanks, Barb! (I don't know about you, but I'm not particularly mechanically minded so most if not all of the dismantling and reconstruction of a Thayer, I'd leave to a brass technician such as my man Corky, brass technician extraordinaire.)

You can reach me directly at vtbone1@aol.com.

We continue to thank Diego Urcola for providing the pictures of his "Triple C" with some pretty exclusive company!

Remember, the sound is the thing and that's why we love Conns!

Bob Ramsdell

  • Some pretty exclusive company!
  • Conn Valve Trombones

    Featuring the legendary Conn Valve Trombone, restored and customized with first and third valve slide trigger assemblies and our special engraved counter-weights that we call the Triple C .

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I was practicing on the Conn (71H bass bone, nickel-plate over yellow brass bell, converted to a single Ed Thayer axial-flow valve--BR) early this morning. I am very happy that I decided to purchase this instrument. I like the way it plays and really like the clean lines of the instrument. The workmanship is immaculate. Please give my compliments to Corky. He is an artist in my opinion. Everything works well; the slide, the valve, even the tuning slides work better than any I've ever had.

Rod from Tucson

"My horn repair guy was blown away by the Conn! He told me the horn was the best playing v-tbone he has played!"

Kirk from Indiana